Mas dela Fam - Restaurant, wine cellar - Ravina Trentino

A dream that lasts 40 years.

"Mas dela Fam" is housed in a historic building, dated back to the 19th century. Situated on a hill overlooking the Adige valley between Ravina and Romagnano, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view. It is not just a simple restaurant, but a multi-faceted structure, wich acts also as an inn, a "Speck-Stube", wine bar and meeting room.

As we told before, this is the story of a dream, which, for Luca Boscheri (the owner) started already 40 years ago, as his father Franco, bought the building. At that time it was completely disfigured by a fire, but Luca was eager to restore it and bring it to "new life". Its project started as Luca, former owner of "Ginger Studio" in Trento, decided that the time was right to bring his father's idea up again.

He began improving the soil and devoting himself to the cultivation of vines, which, has been one of his passions for years. He growed vineyards in Cimone [the first grape harvest was in 2005, with the production of a red wine Bordolese and Lagrein and a white one based on Chardonnay with Riesling, Traminer and Manzoni] and dedicated much of his time to the reconstruction of the building, which proceeded under the careful direction of Architect Alessandro Passardi.
On December 17th 2007, after different vicissitudes, Luca Boscheri re-opens the "Mas dela Fam" and makes his father's dream come true.
The Restaurant now features three different floors, and wants to be a meeting point for food and wine lovers, a place where tradition blends with innovation. Renzo grisenti, our oenologist is responsible for the degustations as well as the wine list and the wine's exposition. One of our restaurant's characteristics is, first of all the great number of bottles which our guests can admire on the different shelfs along the walls, but also the show cooking, which, in a certain way, allows you to spy on the chef. There's also a sausages corner which are hanging from the roof and are protagonists of tasty snacks, often going on even until three in the morning.

Mas dela fam, a special place, just a few minutes from the city centre. A true "jewel" amongst the culinary offer of Trentino which is absolutly worth a visit.
...when a dream comes true